• Mrs. Karas

    Mrs. Stacey Karas is my fifth grade teacher. She was born in September 1968. Her parents are Steve and Barb Rudar. She also has three sisters Michele, Shaney, and Shawna.
    Mrs. Karas grew up near Finleyville, Pennsylvania and went to Ringgold School District. She also attended California University of Pennsylvania. In 1990, she received her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. In 1991, she got a Master's Degree for being a Reading Specialist.
    From 1992-1996, Mrs. Karas was a Title One teacher at an all boy juvenile detention center. Throughout, 1996-2002, Mrs. Karas was an Intermediate Unit One early intervention teacher. In 1998, she got married to Joe Karas. In 2003, she had a baby girl named Kailey. At this time, she decided to leave teaching to raise her daughter. In 2007, she substituted at Burgettstown Area Elementary Center for Mrs. Baloga in fourth grade. A year later she became a fifth grade teacher.
    In the future, Mrs. Karas would like to keep teaching at Burgettstown Area Elementary. She may become a permanent teacher. She will also have fun with Kailey.
    Mrs. Karas is fun and very organized. She is my favorite teacher!
    Written by:
    Jessica Truby
    2008-2009 5th Grader
    Update since the writing of this letter...
    Mrs. Karas did become a full-time teacher with Burgettstown Area Elementary School District in 2009.  Since then she taught third grade for three years before moving back to fifth grade in 2012.
    • Food- potatoes
    • School Supply- really anything :)
    • Drink- sweet tea, Starbuck's Pink Drink
    • Book- Stone Fox
    • Sport- football
    • Television Show- most reality TV shows
    • Color- I really don't think I have a favorite, but I don't care for orange
    • Candy- Sarris or Andy's milk chocolate (not pretzels though)
    • Number- 23
    • Restaurant- Drovers, Olive Garden, and Dunkin Donuts :)
    • Movie- Star Wars, just about all Disney movies,  and any movie staring Meg Ryan
    • Hobby- crafts
    • I love to travel too!
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