• Welcome to General Music Appreciation
    Grades K-5
    (School year: 2022-2023)
    Updates to this website will be made as we go further into our class. Please scroll through the page to see the latest content.
    If you're interested in the evolution of popular and rock music, please check out this link about Music's Timeline:http://research.google.com/bigpicture/music/ 
    Still curious about how all the music styles are connected? Then check out the "Every Noise At Once" website: http://www.furia.com/misc/genremaps/engenremap.html
    Check this out:    
    How did I do this? There's a new music writing program called Noteflight. There are two options for use: free version or paid version. I created this song using the free version. Keep in mind that all free music resources do come with their limitations. If you're interested in learning how to write music and not having to install software to your computer or iPad, this is a great cloud-based program to use.
    Next is my example of original music created on the Soundation Studio website:  

     Here's what's in store for this special area class:

    1. Foundations of Music - - students learn about and work with the basic elements of music, such as pitch, rhythm, timbre, texture, structure, pace, dynamics, and duration.
    2. Music's Family Tree - - learning about many different styles of music
    3. Tongue Twisters, Rhythm and Performance - - learning how to turn the written word into a musical performance using world drums, standard percussion instruments and body percussion 
    4. Intro to drumming - - learning how to play different types of world drums and standard percussion instruments
    5. Intro to composition - - exploring the varying ways to write/compose a piece of music
    6. Song lyrics/showmanship challenge - - learning about the elements of a song's performance
    7. History of radio and a radio play - - exploring the roots of our current technology
    8. What IS a musical? - - introduction to musical theater and stage production
    9. Listening to music and figuring out what makes a "good" song so "good" or just "trendy".
    10. Moving to music - -  students will move to a piece of music with varying degrees of structure.
    11. Playing the recorder - - specific to 3rd grade students, it's their first woodwind instrument!
    12. Playing the guitar - - specific to 4th grade students, it's their first string instrument!
    13. Instrument exploration - - specific to 5th grade students as they find where in the world of music that they fit. 


     Multimedia Resources:
    Are you into the quirky side of music? Perhaps you'd like the "cliff notes" version of how music has evolved for certain instruments. Well, if you go on to YouTube, you can find these few videos that will both teach you something and entertain you at the same time!
    CDZA's "The History of Lyrics That Aren't Lyrics"
    CDZA's "The Instrumentals: History of Jazz Piano"
    CDZA's "The Instrumentals: Intro to Drums"
    CDZA's "The Instrumentals: Journey of the Guitar Solo"
    CDZA's "The Instrumentals: Story of the Bass" 
    CDZA's "History of Whistling" 
    Are you having trouble rememebering your note names in either the treble or bass clef? Again, going on to YouTube, you'll find these songs/videos to be helpful to you! 
    "All About That Bass (Clef)"
    "I Knew You Were Treble" 

    This Day in Music History
    Are you wondering what happened or who was born on this day in music history? Please check out this website for some cool trivia: www.thisdayinmusic.com

    Other Items of Note:

    The Burgettstown Area Administration reserves the right to remove a student from a scheduled music class for academic concerns. Students can only be returned to the scheduled class with administrative approval.


    ONLY students in grades 3, 4 and 5 are graded for Music class. We use the following district approved scale across all the Special Area classes:

    "O" for Outstanding (100-96)

    "S" for Satisfactory (95-60)

    "U" for Unsatisfactory (59-0)

    "I" for Incomplete - - this means that your student has work that needs to be completed and turned in. If your student receives this grade, please make sure you are in contact with me so that we can work through the process.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached by both phone and email as stated below.

    EC phone number: 724-947-8150 x241, and you can leave a message on my voicemail.

    My email address is: HBetschart@burgettstown.k12.pa.us 


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