• 4/29/2021

    Posted by Cody Tyler on 4/29/2021

    Hello. This is our last week in April! PSSA testing is in it's 3rd day, the weather has warmed up, and it is currently raining outside.  Next week is our last full month of school. I will have my finger's crossed for a return to normalcy this summer and coming back to BAEC for 2021/2022

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  • 4/22/21

    Posted by Cody Tyler on 4/22/2021

    Hello there! April has been flying by... hard to believe it's going to be May already. PSSA testing will begin soon, so students will be having a very busy next few weeks. I hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine and is ready for the summer. Fingers are crossed extra hard for a return to normalcy in the 21/22 school year.

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  • April Update

    Posted by Cody Tyler on 4/8/2021

    Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter/Spring break. Our weather was incredible and it was so nice to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. We are back into full swing of 5 days in school instruction. PSSA testing should begin at the end of the month. The final stretch is upon us!

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  • Spring break

    Posted by Cody Tyler on 3/29/2021

    Hello! We are already into the final week of March. We have our Spring Break starting on Thursday and will see students back in the classrooms next Wednesday, April 7th. We are in the final quarter of the year and the finish line is getting closer. PSSA testing will start in April. 

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  • March Update

    Posted by Cody Tyler on 3/15/2021

    It seems that we are getting back into the swing of things here in Burgettstown. Covid has been a major part of our lives for an entire year now. Hopefully with vaccines and people being more cautious of the dangers of the virus we can start to return to more normalcy. PE in the elementary has taken a major adjustment. Normally we are playing team games and getting our our energy. With us having to social distance and wear masks I am keeping our activities low impact so we do not sweat or breathe too heavily. Hopefully we can return to a more normal class eventually.

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  • 2/25/2021

    Posted by Cody Tyler on 2/25/2021

    Hello, it has been awhile since there has been an update. We just returned to in class teaching this week and students are getting back into the swing of being in school. Our special area google classroom is still the place to go for all assignments and information for our classes.

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  • 3/18/2020

    Posted by Cody Tyler on 3/18/2020

    Aloha from home! I am currently hanging out at my workspace, with my chrome book, answering emails, and watching my dogs play. Here we are 3 days into the working from home and I think people are starting to get into the groove. Hopefully the weather cooperates with us and allows some outdoor time! Try and keep track of what activities you do that are exercise. Have you taken a walk? gone up and down your staircases? Done any push ups or sit ups? Now is a great time to practice tying your shoes!

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  • 3/16/2020

    Posted by Cody Tyler on 3/16/2020

    Aloha, the special area teachers have designed a google classroom for students to access and complete assignments as brain breaks during a students two hour instructional time. They should be recieving emails of these assignments and activities. 

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  • 3/12/2020

    Posted by Cody Tyler on 3/12/2020

    Aloha! Do you have enough toilet paper and hand sanitizer? What a crazy last few weeks this has been, we are doing our best here at BAEC to reinforce healthy habits with our students. This week our students are learning and practicing how to catch a Frisbee. Stay safe out there, and remember to wash your hands!

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  • 3/3/2020

    Posted by Cody Tyler on 3/3/2020

    Aloha, this week we are celebrating Dr. Suess.  Everyday we have themes and lessons for each student to participate in. A game we are playing in the gym ties in with the story of the Lorax vs. the Once-ler.

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