• Family
    Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s), 
    Looking over your child's schoolwork gives you an opportunity to learn what is happening at school and to spend quality time with your child. Here are some tips to make the most of this experience.
    • Sit down with your child and give him/her your full attention.  Turn off the television and put away the cell phone. Do not allow interruptions during this special time.


    • Ask your child to tell you about the work as he/she shows you school papers. Ask your child to point out his/her favorite and least-liked kinds of schoolwork. Ask your child to show you what was most and least difficult for him/her.


    • Do not expect your child's work to be perfect. Making errors is part of learning. If you emphasize your child's errors, he/she may discard less-than-perfect papers and be reluctant to share schoolwork with you. 


    • Let your child choose a few samples of his/her schoolwork to display on a bulletin board or the refrigerator, or to paste in a scrapbook. An inexpensive photo album with clear "magnetic" pages works well for this.


    • If you have faraway friends and relatives, have your child select a sample of his/her schoolwork to mail to them.  Sending samples of schoolwork is a quick and easy way to stay in touch with long-distance relatives. And it helps your child take pride in his/her work. 

    Going over schoolwork with your child demonstrates that you think school is important and that you value your child's efforts at school.                              ~ Mr. Rendulic