• Allison & Emmie
    Toy Story 4 drawing and paintings.
    Eric Carle  
    Eric Carle style illustrations by Makayla Kozak and Maggie McGivern.

    Eric Carle 2

    star wars POP art

    Star Wars POP art gallery.

    Star Wars POP art 2



    Zentangle Samples

    Zentangle 2

    Superhero color wheel

    Super Hero Color Wheels and Monochromatic Paintings.

    Superman Monochronmatic

    color wheels

    2007 4th grade

    Clay CHAMPS!!
    3rd grade coil pots.  The widest pot measures 10 1/2", and the tallest one is 14". Great work girls!!

    Master Artist Guitar Gallery

    For this project BAEC students studied the illustration techniques of Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrain, Keith Harring, and Vincent Van Gogh.  The techniques were then applied to guitar bodies, creating a fine art guitar gallery.
    OP ART
    Every October, BAEC students create 3D masks. These masks are custom fitted to each student that creates them.

    Paper Masks
    BAEC students draw grid murals.  A photograph is divided up into a grid, and each student is responsible for recreating a section.

    Guitar Gallery.

    2006 guitars
    BAEC 4th Grade students create Calligrams. If you look closely, these cartoons are made up of colored words and letters.
    big dawg
    5th Grade watercolor roses.

    Screen printed T-shirts printed by second grade.

    baec shirts
    4th grade masks

    Airbrush Stations
    Airbrushing stations.

    2 Color Screen Printing, done in 5th Grade.


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