• Speech and Language Activities To Do At Home

    Here are a few activities that you and your child(ren) can do at home to help improve their skills in the following areas:
    1. Play "Hangman"
    2. Pull out some of your child's toys and have them write the beginning sound of each toy
    3. Practice writing the alphabet and high frequency words
    4. Play "Scrabble"
    Phonemic Awareness
    1. While riding in the car, have your child identify items that begin with a certain sound (Ex: m--movie theater, s--stop sign, etc.)
    2. Are these words same or different......(Ex: table-cable, moon-moon)
    3. Have your child identify the rhyming words in a Dr. Seuss book
    4. Have your child help you make up rhyming words for a poem that you're writing
    1. Play "Simon Says"
    2. Read a book or a newspaper article and have your child retell the story
    3. Have your child tell you what he or she learned in school
    4. Have your child recite the sequence of how to make their favorite food (Ex: How do you make a pizza?)
    5. Play "Guess Who"
    1. Play "Family Feud"
    2. Practice producing the meaning of multiple meaning words...(Ex: ring)
    3. Complete a crossword puzzle
    4. Practice different types of figurative language and their meanings (Ex: He has a green thumb)
    5. Pull items from around the house and have the child describe what it is and its function
    1. Play "I Spy"
    2. Play "I'm going on a trip and taking a(n)..." (Go through the letters of the alphabet while keeping a beat by clapping your hands or tapping your feet)
    3. Have your child sing their favorite song
    4. Act out short stories or plays where your child is a character and repeats dialogue from the story or play
    5. Read a newspaper or magazine article
Last Modified on March 13, 2024