• Mrs. Hughes's Daily Schedule
    8:30- 9:10- Planning
    9:10-12:30- Math, ELA, Small group/Individualized instruction
    12:30-1:00- LUNCH
    1:00- 3:20- Math, ELA, Small group/Individualized instruction
    3:20- 3:45- Bus Duty
    Grading Scale
    All students in my learning support classes are graded on the district grading scale.  No grades are weighted and my system is based on total points. The grading scale is as follows:
    100- 92   A
    91- 83     B
    82- 70     C
    69- 60     D
    59-          F


    Curriculum Overview: Our curriculum focuses on fostering a love for learning, developing critical thinking skills, and building a strong foundation in core subjects. The Learning Support curriculum is based on individual student needs.

    Classroom Expectations: In our classroom, we value respect, kindness, and a positive learning environment. We will discuss and establish specific expectations together as a class, creating a space where every student feels safe and motivated to succeed.

    Homework and Assignments: Homework assignments will not be given regularly.  I believe students need time to decompress, especially when they struggle in ELA or Math. 

    Classroom Resources: We use many different resources based on student needs.  Some of those include: ABCMouse, Teach Your Monster to Read, Boom Cards, Prodigy, and Happy Numbers, just to name a few.