• Ergonomics

    What is ergonomics? And what does it have to do with your student?


    Ergonomics, according to the Learning with Computers series being used by the students, is the way people work with machines so they do not hurt themselves. The most important part of ergonomics in the Information Technology lab is POSTURE!


    With so many students and adults using computers an average of one to three hours per day, the long-term effects of poor posture and poor habits will not be known for several more years. Cornell University has some excellent information available at their Ergonomics website. This information includes pictorial examples of setting up a workstation for children. There is also information regarding backpacks for students. Parents are the greatest resource for reinforcing good habits! Make it a point to be involved in your child(ren)’s computer and video game time to keep them healthy!
    If you're reading this, you have some concern for your student's health and success. I have discussed healthy habits regarding computer use and video-gaming with all students. Please encourage your child(ren) to take regular breaks from the computer or the TV video games. I recommend at the least a ten-minute break after 45 minutes of play. Suggestions: get a snack, use the bathroom, take a short walk, etc. Anything that changes the activity for a short time will help!



Last Modified on August 15, 2012