My Schedule

     These are the times I am available to talk or meet.  Please contact me to schedule an appointment.  All calls are routed through the main office and transferred to my room. 


      8:00  -   8:30       Morning Prep Time (T - W - Th)

      9:50  - 10:30       Planning

    11:30  - 12:00        Lunch

      3:30  -   3:45        Available to parents


    I will be available to take calls during the following times:

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:  8:00 - 8:30am   (if not in meetings)

    Monday through Friday:  9:50 - 10:30  (If not covering to teach another grade/class)

    Monday through Friday:  3:30 - 3:45   (after walking kids to the bus)

    **All times are subject to change on a daily basis due to scheduled meeting, coverage, or other situations that may require my attention. 

    **All calls and emails will receive my full attention and will receive a response as soon as time permits.  

    **I check my email several times a day and make every effort to reply promptly.



Last Modified on April 3, 2024