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    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

    When do instrumental lessons occur? Instrumental lessons are now an after-school program. Enrolled students will meet once per week for one hour. Families will receive a printed calendar and a link to the calendar through Class Dojo. 

    Will my student have a group lesson or individual lesson? The lesson groups can be as large as six or as small as one. Piano is the only instrument that is taught solely on a small group (1-6) basis. Lesson groups may change in the second semester as the students progress and achieve success.

    Is there a full instrumental ensemble class? No, there is not a full instrumental ensemble class within the regular school day. 

    What about a chorus group? There is not a separate chorus group for elementary students at this time.

    What are the benefits of instrumental and vocal/choral music study? The benefits of instrumental and vocal/choral music study have been intensely and scientifically studied over the past 25 years. There is documented proof of increased academic excellence due to participation in the performing arts, most particularly playing a musical instrument and singing. Playing an instrument and singing can teach your student the following life skills: problem-solving, teamwork, physical coordination, goal-setting, memory skills, poise, self-confidence, self-esteem, personal responsibility, time management and more!

    Are there performances for the participants of the music programs at B.A.E.C.? Yes, there will be one to two performances scheduled throughout the course of this school year in order to showcase the achievements of the student-musicians. For example, in May of 2019 we held a performance during out district's "Maker Night" that featured our instrumental ensemble and choral students grades 4 and 5.                                                                                                 

    Which instruments are taught at B.A.E.C.? The following instruments are offered to the students: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, percussion, euphonium/baritone, guitar, ukulele, piano, and occasionally violin.

    What do I have to do in order to enroll my student(s) in the instrumental program at B.A.E.C.? It’s quite simple: enrollment is a rolling process. Please contact Mrs. Betschart directly in order to make it happen. You can also begin the process yourself by downloading, printing, filling-out and sending in the enrollment form that is posted on the “About the B.A.E.C. Instrumental Music Program” webpage.

    The dilemma: should I rent, buy or borrow an instrument? This is a question that always has a long answer. Renting is usually the safest and most reliable way to get an instrument for your student. We work directly with Volkwein’s Music, the most local music store closest to our school district. Their instruments are well-maintained, and their rental policy is quite clear, and the money accumulated through the rental can be used towards purchasing the instrument. Other places that rent instruments include, David's Music House in McMurray, and Hollis & Germann in Bethel Park.

    It is recommended that you buy an instrument for your student after the second year of playing. Students’ interests can change within the course of the first two years of playing and owning a musical instrument is an investment.

    As for borrowing an instrument from a friend or family member, please make sure to have the instrument evaluated to ensure that it is in good working order. Volkwein’s Music has a repair shop on their premises and regularly does evaluations and gives repair estimates.

    It is NOT recommended that you purchase an instrument from any of these sources: JC Penney, Walmart, Sears/Kmart, or any other “large” store/website as these instruments tend to be cheaply made and not repairable should they become damaged in any way. Piano/keyboards and guitars can be purchased at a bargain price, and are the only exceptions.

    What if I don’t have the financial capability to get an instrument for my student? Our goal in the B.A.E.C. instrumental music program is to get as many students playing an instrument as possible. Please contact Mrs. Betschart directly in order to discuss our district’s loan program. Please keep in mind that our instrument inventory may be limited in certain areas.

    What about the “other” supplies? The “other” supplies are reeds, valve oil, cork grease, slide oil, picks, strings, and of course, the instruction books! These supplies fall on the responsibility of the parent as some of these are disposable. All supplies can be purchased through Volkwein’s. The company makes weekly deliveries to both our school buildings.

    Mrs. Betschart's Daily Schedule

    Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday 
    8:00-8:30    Arrive Arrive Arrive  
    8:30-9:00 Arrive Hall Duty Hall Duty Hall Duty Arrive 
    9:00-9:50 Planning/Substitute Teaching Planning/Substitute Teaching Planning/Substitute Teaching Planning/Substitute Teaching Planning/Substitute Teaching
     9:50-10:30 GM 2 GM 2 GM 2 GM 2 GM 2
     10:30-11:10  GM 3 GM 3 GM 3 GM 3  GM 3 
     11:10-11:50 GM K GM K   GM K   GM K   GM K  
     12:30-1:10 GM 5 GM 5 GM 5 GM 5 GM 5
    1:10-1:50 GM 4 GM 4 GM 4 GM 4 GM 4
    1:50-2:30 GM 1 GM 1  GM 1 GM 1 GM 1
    2:30-3:30 Planning/Substitute Teaching Planning/Substitute Teaching Planning/Substitute Teaching Planning/Substitute Teaching Planning/Substitute Teaching
     3:45-4:45   After-School Band After-School Band After-School Band   


    Classroom Rules
    1. Be safe! We have a LOT of instruments and equipment between two music classrooms. Mind your space and we will work on you learning how to handle our equipment and instruments safely.
    2. Be responsible! Try all our activities and be helpful when it comes to putting our instruments and equipment away.
    3. Be respectful! Everyone is important, and everything in our music classrooms is important. Treat it well, and we will be able to make music and have fun all year long.
    4. Do what's right! This covers MANY areas in my classroom, from behavior to manners, from instruments to activities.
    The rules are simple and straight from common sense. Following it means that we'll end up having a lot of fun while learning and making music.
    fun sheet music
    Questions? Concerns?  
    Mrs. Betschart can be best reached through Class Dojo, email, or phone.   
    Email: HBetschart@burgettstown.k12.pa.us
    Phone: 724-947-8150 x3241
Last Modified on February 16, 2024