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    Mrs. Melissa Ferencuha

    Assistant to the Superintendent



    The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) legislation requires State Educational Agencies (SEAs) to adopt written procedures for receiving and resolving any complaints alleging violations of the law in the administration of programs.  In accordance with this legislative requirement, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has also required Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) to adopt written procedures for resolving complaints filed.


    A complaint is a written, signed statement filed by an individual or an organization.  It must include:

    1.  A statement that a school has violated a requirement of federal statute or regulation that applies to Title I.

    2. The facts on which the statement is based.

    3. Information on any discussions, meetings or correspondence with a school regarding the complaint.

    Complaint Resolution Procedures

    1)  Referral Complaints against schools should be referred to the District’s Federal Programs Office:

    Mrs. Melissa Ferencuha

    Assistant to the Superintendent

    Federal Programs Coordinator

    100 Bavington Road

    Burgettstown, PA  15021

    724-947-8150 Ext. 3318

    2)  Notice to School The Federal/State Programs Office will notify the school Superintendent  and Principal that a complaint has been received.  A copy of the complaint will be given to the Superintendent and Principal with directions given for the Principal to respond.

    3)  Investigation After receiving the Principal’s response, the Federal/State Programs Office, along with the Superintendent, will determine whether further investigation is necessary.  If necessary, the Federal/State Programs Director and the Superintendent may do an onsite investigation at the school.

    4)  Opportunity to Present Evidence. The Federal/State Programs Director may provide for the complainant and the Principal to present evidence.

    5)  Report and Recommended Resolution when the Federal/State Programs Director has completed the investigation and the taking of evidence, a report will be prepared with a recommendation for resolving

    the complaint.  The report will give the name of the party bringing the complaint, the nature of the complaint, a summary of the investigation, the recommended resolution and the reasons for the recommendation.  Copies of the report will be issued to all parties involved.  The recommended resolution will become effective upon issuance of the report.

    6)  Follow up The Federal/State Programs Director and the Superintendent will ensure that the resolution of the complaint is implemented.

    7)  Time Limit The period between the complaint and the Burgettstown School District response will be no more than 30 days.  As well as the response time from the Division of Federal Programs will be no more than 45 days. 

    8)  Right to Appeal: either party may appeal the final resolution to the Department of Education.  Appeals should be addressed as follows:

    Susan McCrone ㇑Division Chief

    Pennsylvania Department of Education - Division of Federal Programs

    333 Market Street, 7th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333

    Phone: 717.783.9161 Fax: 717.787.8634

    smccrone@pa.gov www.education.state.pa.us

    Updated 1/2023



Last Modified on September 11, 2023