Burgettstown Elementary Support Team (ESAP)





    The Burgettstown Elementary Support Team was created to ensure students who experience barriers to learning, become identified and assisted through a variety of supportive agencies.  The Burgettstown Elementary Support Team is a group of school personnel that has been trained to identify and assist students who are having problems in school.  If your child is having trouble in or out of school, we can help.  Sometimes when extra help is needed, parents don’t know how or where to find the help.


    How Does My Child Become Involved in the Program?


    The Burgettstown Elementary Support Team will help you find services and assistance within the school, and if needed, in the community.  We do not diagnose, treat, or refer your child for treatment.  Rather, we will provide you with information.  You always make the Choices.  Most importantly you are part of our team. 


    Students can come to the Burgettstown Elementary Support Team in different ways.  Anyone can refer a student to the Burgettstown Elementary Support Team.  Teachers, parents, students, and other school personnel, family friend can refer a student.  The Burgettstown Elementary Support Team will not become involved unless we receive your permission.  Parents/Legal Guardian will be notified as soon as a student has been referred to the Burgettstown Elementary Support Team.  Confidential information is limited to the Burgettstown Elementary Support Team only.


    Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Reaction To?


    -Recent death of a loved one                                          -divorce of parents

    -Family relocation                                                          -other relationship problem

    -other traumatic event


    Warning Signs


    -Withdrawing from family/friends/school                        -defying authority

    -Recent loss or trauma                                                 -sudden drop in grades

    -Depressed                                                                  -excessive anger/aggression


    Risk Factors


    -emotional difficulties                                                  

    -low self-esteem


    What Happens After I Give My Permission?


    1. The Burgettstown Elementary Support Team will gather specific information about your child’s performance in school.  A Burgettstown Elementary Support Team member will talk with you about your observations, your child’s strengths, and your concerns.
    2. Together, you and the Burgettstown Elementary Support Team will develop a plan of action to help your child achieve success in school.  The plan might include services in the school and/or services from a community agency. 


    1. The Burgettstown Elementary Support Team will continue to work with and support your child. 

    Burgettstown Elementary Support Team Members:

       Mrs. Mankey   Mrs. Martello    Ms. Grasha       Mrs. Evers 

         Mrs. Nardone    Mrs. Hughes     Mrs. Sieg    Mr. Rendulic 
Last Modified on July 20, 2022