Course Description

    The 7th grade civics class is designed to give students an historical as well as current perspective on what it means to be an American citizen.  We will take a look back at the events and people that helped to shape our country starting with The French and Indian War.  That will be followed by the creation of our government and the influences that played a key role in its design.  After that, we will explore the U.S. Constitution, the three branches of government and the powers that each has to "check" the other, and state and local government.  Finally, The Duties and Responsibilities of being a citizen.  If time permits we will talk about the election process and the process of choosing a leader.  My goal is to make your student an informed citizen that may one day take a leadership role in our country. 



    Tests and Quizzes

    Students can earn points through a variety of formats.  This will include but not limited to Open-Note tests, Section Quizzes, Chapter Tests and Homework. 



    Homework / Late Work

    As we move through these uncertain times as educators, we are always mindful of the delays and issues that are part of Cyber-Teaching. With that being our new normal for now, I will try to be as clear as possible as to the expectations of each assignment and its due date. I will also be mindful of your students ability and use my discretion in grading assignments.





    Class Procedures

    1.  Be on time

    2.  Be prepared ( Text book, paper, Writing utensil)

    3.  NO PHONES  

    4.  Students are to participate in class.  Intelligent contributions will be commended while idle chatter will be  disciplined

    5.  Students are to show respect for each other while in the classroom