• Syllabus

    American Cultures/History      Mr. R. Vigliotti


    Course Syllabus Eras and Topics

    First Semester

    I. Review 

    1. Civil War.
    2. Reconstruction.

    II. The Progressive Era

    1. The American Dream.
    2. The Gilded Age.
    3. Political Machines.
    4. Innovations and inventions.

    III. WWI

    1. American Foreign Policy prior to WWI.
    2. Causes of WWI.
    3. WWI Fighting
    4. America in the war- at home and “over there”

    IV. Jazz Age (1920-1929)

    1. Postwar Turmoil
    2. The Republican Influence
    3. Prosperity and American Business
    4. Changing Nature of Work
    5. Growth of Middle Class

    V. Cultural Conflicts

    1. The Great Depression(1929-1939)
    2. The Crash
    3. Life During the Depression
    4. The New Deal

    VI. World War II(1933-1945)

    1. The Road to War
    2. Mobilizing the Home Front
    3. The War and Social Change
    4. The War and Civil Rights
    5. The Atomic Bomb
    6. The Marshall Plan

    Second Semester

    VII. The Cold War(1945-1991)

    1. Postwar Foreign and Domestic Policies
    2. Postwar Economy
    3. U.S. Foreign policy
    4. Korea and Vietnam
    5. The end of the Cold War.
    6. Civil Rights

    VIII. The Modern Era(1991-2001)

    1. Women’s Movement
    2. Immigration
    3. Environment
    4. The Gulf War
    5. 9/11

    IX.  21st Century issues(2001-)