• Current Event Requirements


                Students will be required to collect and analyze a topic from a media source weekly while enrolled in a Social Studies course with Mr. Druga.  The assignment topics will reflect events throughout the world and how they impact the United States.  Students will find and then discuss an event reported in any recognized media source (if you are unsure see Mr. Druga before gathering material).




                1.  Students must clip article from media source and attach it to essay.

                2.  The article must be no more than 1 week old (if from internet or newspaper).

                                                                1 month old (if from a magazine).

                3.  ½ page summary of the article.

                4.  ½ page opinion of the material discussed in the article.

                5.  This will add up to 1 full page of written material.


    Points of Interest

                1.  I will ask for volunteers to present work at least once per 9wks.  The more times you present, the more extra credit you could accumulate.

                2.  If you type the current event (remember to double space it), I will award extra credit for this effort.

                3.  If you turn in an essay with several errors, the piece will be docked points.

                4.  Watch using terms such as…”ahh”, “umm”, “you know”, “like”, “cuz”.

                5.  Do not use the person’s first name only, unless they are a personal friend of yours (George Washington…President Washington, General Washington, Washington, NOT George)!