• Classroom Rules and Procedures

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    Burgettstown High School Mr. Druga’s Classroom Guidelines

    Philosophy As your teacher I will not tolerate any student in this classroom stopping me from teaching for any reason whatsoever. As your teacher I will not tolerate any student in this classroom stopping another student from learning for any reason whatsoever. As your teacher I will not tolerate any student in this classroom doing anything that is not in his or her best interest or the best interest of the class. As your teacher I am a member of this class. There are two things you never do with me
                    1. No Manipulations
                    2. Never question my management system when I am teaching.

    Classroom Rules
    1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    2. Be seated and prepared when the bell rings.
    3. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
    4. No name-calling, put downs, harassment, or bullying.
    5. All school rules are observed in this classroom.

    Classroom Procedures
    1. Students are expected to use the restroom between classes and other appropriate times. While emergencies may sometimes arise, this is the exception and never the rule.
    2. Student textbooks should be appropriately covered throughout the semester.
    3. It is the responsibility of the student to ask what was covered the day he/she is absent from class.
    4. If a student does not have his/her book for class, they may ask to borrow one from Mr. Druga. If this is a recurring theme, the student will be referred to the Behavior Book.
    5. If a student is late for class, the tardy student will sign the Tardy Book and then proceed to their assigned seat. Tardy students will not interrupt the class.

    1. Verbal Praise.
    2. Music played while students work on classroom assignments.
    3. Bonus point opportunities.
    4. Review “Contest” for exams.
    5. “Healthy” Eat.
    Grading Procedures
    1. Your grade will consist of two components. Test 60% Homework and class assignments 40%
    2. Homework is due at the beginning of the class period the day after it is assigned. Any assignment that is late will receive a deduction (chart below will illustrate deduction). If the student does not turn the assignment in by the third day, that assignment will become a zero. Due Date Full Credit 1st Day Late ½ Credit 2nd Day Late ¼ Credit 3rd Day Late 1/5 Credit 4th Day Late 0 Credit
    3. Assignments that are given a deadline may be turned in up to 5 days before the deadline.
    4. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions; expression of their opinions should be done in a scholarly manner.

    I look forward to working with all of you! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call me. I can be contacted at school from 2:45-3:15 PM

    I have read the guidelines provided by Mr. Druga and I am aware of his classroom procedures.