Welcome to my classroom!
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    Ms. Mollis
    Language Arts Teacher

     Hello parents/guardians, students, and all others who visit my website.  I am excited for another rewarding year at Burgettstown. 
    Since this webpage is always under construction, you are encouraged to check back often. Schedules or posted assignment dates may be changed due to altered plans and classroom activities. Please ask your student to notify you of any changes.  
    Parents and students are encouraged to explore the resources on my website. 
    The calendar link will notify you of upcoming grades.
    My professional goal is to train students to be critical thinkers who read with comprehension and insight, appreciate literature and its historic context, and write/speak with clarity, sophistication, and authority. Additionally, I hope an appreciation for literature leads to a life-long love of reading.
    Students become capable readers, skilled writers, and articulate speakers when they work hard, commit themselves to academics, and show ambition. Therefore, I look forward to working with each student and creating an atmosphere where students are empowered to succeed.
    I can be reached at kmollis@burgettstown.k12.pa.us, and I and make every attempt to address emails promptly.  While parents/guardians may also leave a message with the main office, email is the easiest way to contact me.
    2019-20 schedule: