• Necessary materials

    1. Each student will need his/her book, a pen, pencil, binder and a notebook for this class which will be provided by the district.   
    2.  Handouts/resources that students are expected to keep and use during the year will be provided with holes punched for the binder/folder. 
    3. The notebook will be needed for daily work.     


    1. Students can expect to do homework for this class. 
    2.  Most homework assignments are worth 25%. 
    3.  Late homework is not accepted if it has been reviewed in class
    4. Students must be responsible for bringing homework to class.
    5. They will not be permitted to leave the room to retrieve it from their locker, book bag, etc. 
    6.  Students must take responsibility for homework due while they were absent. 


    Missed work

      1. When students are absent, they are expected to check the missed work page on the front board.
      2. The missed work will be on the book shelf under the homework assignment.
      3.   If students do not collect and complete the handouts and class work, they will  not be given a percentage points for the activity.  
      4.  Students who miss one day of school will be given one day to make it up, absent two daysare given two days to make up work missed while absent up to three days.
      5.  After that, a zero is assigned. 



    1. You are expected to do your own work at all times.
    2.   It is expected that you will discuss your work with others, and take help to improve it. 
    3.  However, plagiarism is unacceptable. 
    4. Plagiarism is commonly defined as passing off as one's own work the ideas, writings, drawings, diagrams, etc. of another.
    5. In accordance with this definition, you are committing plagiarism if you copy the work of another person and turn it in as your own, even if you have the permission of that person. 
    6.  If you submit another person’s work as you own, you will receive a zero for the assignment. 
    7.  You will not have a chance to do the assignment again
    Grading policy
    1. I follow the district grading scale and maintain my grades in Alma
    2. This is a total points grading system, I do use weighted grades for homework and tests