• Hello and welcome to our elementary school community!

    I'm thrilled to have you and your child as part of our learning family. My name is Paula Brady and I am your child's 1s grade teacher for 2023/2024. This year promises to be filled with exciting learning adventures, growth, and fun.

    On this welcome page, you'll find important information, resources, and updates to help you and your child navigate through the school year successfully.

    Contact Information: Communication is key to a successful partnership in your child's education. Please feel free to reach out to me via email at pbrady@burgettstown.k12.pa.us or through the ClassDojo. If you have not already joined ClassDojo, you may follow this link: https://www.classdojo.com/ul/p/addKid?target=class&class=CUGRK56.  I am also available for scheduled conferences to discuss your child's progress.  You may also call 724-947-8150 ext 3116 to reach me as well.

    Upcoming Events: Mark your calendar for upcoming events such as parent-teacher conferences, school performances, and special projects. Your involvement is greatly appreciated, and it contributes to the success of our school community.

    Paula Brady

    1st grade teacher

    Burgettstown Area Elementary Center

    724-947-8150 Ext:3116